Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy birthday, Mom

Today is my Mom's birthday....true, she is no longer with us here on Earth, but I know she still watches over all of us from the heavens. She was at Seth's wedding in the vacant chair beside my Dad....funny how that worked out, it wasn't planned that way, it just kind of happened.

Mom's the most unselfish person I've ever known. She was beautiful inside and out and my Dad absolutely adored her, as did all of us kids. My only regret is that I didn't get to know her really well until after I had kids of my own. She was so busy when I was a kid, raising me and my two sisters and two brothers....we were really close together in age and kept her hopping, literally. After my first son, Rick, was born, however, we spent alot of time together and became more than just a mother and daughter, we became great friends. She was such a special person, one of a kind, and I was so blessed to have had her for a mother and a friend. I miss her every second of every day.....but I know I'll see her again someday...... :)

Happy birthday, Mom......I love you!!!


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