Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Christmas in Iraq

We got a thumbs up from Seth today. His first packages arrived it was Christmas in Iraq today. I sent him his Christmas stocking filled to overflowing with goodies and presents....yeah, okay, I'm a diehard mom who sends the boys their stockings no matter how old they get and no matter where they shoot me. Kevin's stocking has traveled to Alaska three times now and then returned empty the next summer when he came home on leave. Seth's stocking went to Korea a couple years ago and came home with him after his one-year tour was over. Now, it's in Iraq and will come home for refilling before next Christmas, or even better, come home with Seth before next Christmas....I hope, I hope, I hope. Maybe I should start adding things to the stockings to represent where they've been....they could be real collectors items some day....well, at least they will be for our family.


Blogger Kc said...

yeah when he got them he was sooo happy, i think it just made him feel special. I am so glad that he is enjoying himslef and doing what he is doing


1/5/06, 7:13 PM  
Blogger CaliValleyGirl said...

That's a cool idea with the "badges" for the 20 years it will really carry more than just Xmas booty, but also evidence of many memories.

1/5/06, 7:47 PM  
Blogger Some Soldier's Mom said...

for us it's the "deployment" Christmas trees that started when my DH was in Vietnam... now both our serving sons (Navy, Army) have them with their name, rank and deployment info inscribed on each...

Maybe you should send them each a "Christmas stocking" each month of their deployment and put silly and treasured things in them -- a whole new tradition?? Imagine the surprise and SMILE on the faces...

1/5/06, 8:10 PM  

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