Saturday, December 10, 2005


Anytime I'm feeling a bit down, my sisters have a way of cheering me up.

We had a sisters day today. A sisters day can sometimes be running errands, sometimes it's shopping, and sometimes it's a different kind of mission, but it always includes lunch, a margarita (for the little sister and occasionally for me, if I'm not driving), and lots of laughs.

Well, today we went Christmas shopping....go figure. I'm running way behind on that because of the events of the last couple of weeks...the only shopping I had done was to get Seth an MP3 player before he deployed. So, trying to get out of my funk and kick myself into gear, we set out mid-morning and stayed out till after dark. The traffic was terrible around the mall this evening, so I jumped into the opposite lane in the parking lot drive to go around a bunch of people and jump into another parking area (there weren't any cars coming at the time). I caught hell the rest of the night for "driving English". Hey, I got us there without any problems and a heckuvalot quicker than if I'd stayed in that line. Besides, what would a sisters day be without me doing something stupid for the sisters to tease me about..... :)

Anyway, I only bought 3 little things, which doesn't even make a dent in the shopping I need to do, but I had a great day and am still smiling. It was just what I needed. Sisters are great!


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