Thursday, December 08, 2005

Finding the Christmas spirit

I've been trying to get into the Christmas spirit. It's not an easy thing to do when you have sons on opposite ends of the earth.

We attempted to find the spirit last night. I loaded all my Christmas CDs into the changer and started them playing. Then I began the ritual of putting up the Christmas tree. You have to understand that I've been pretty much the sole decorator of the tree for years, since all the boys are grown men now. Ken always helps with the lights, but after that, it's all me. Well, this year, with Katie in the house, it was quite different (she's living with us while Seth is overseas). I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Katie and Ken kidding with each other while they were testing lights and we laughed so hard. I have to remember to thank Seth for picking a good one. And, I actually got Rick to help with the lights on the top of the tree, see he's about 6'3" and doesn't need a ladder like I do. It turned out to be a very nice night, and I've been singing carols ever since.

This picture was taken the last time all three boys were home for Christmas, it was December 2002. Aren't they a great-looking bunch? Bet you can't guess which ones are in the military.

Now, if I could only beam my two military boys home for Christmas again......sigh. But, there's something comforting in knowing that they're out there on the job...Kevin keeping the "eye in the sky" flying to protect our borders, and Seth keeping the terrorists at bay. Where would we be without people like them? I guess I'll just have to hug Rick for all of them...... :)


Blogger JUST A MOM said...

Must be really different having a girl in teh house. I have all girls so when I had a boy here I am not sure what to do. Hang in there.

12/8/05, 3:46 PM  

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