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The Milblog Conference has been much on my mind lately. I've even had dreams about it...hahaha. Alot of the people who will be there are the ones I've been reading the blogs of for some time now. These people, all of you out there, have opened my eyes to so much over the past few years and helped me deal with Seth's deployment. You've been my rock.

The military families at home have written about their ordeals and feelings, the laughter and the pain, the ups and the downs of having a loved one in a place where none of us would choose for them to be. We read each other's posts and find ourselves nodding in agreement, laughing about similar experiences, crying with each other when things get tough or scary, and rejoicing when someone's Soldier or Marine returns home. I look forward to reading each blog to see how they're doing, to see how their Soldiers and Marines are doing, and to see if they need extra prayers or encouragement. It's tough to be deployed, but it's also hard on the ones left behind who don't know what's happening to their loved ones. My dad has been in both places now, and he has decided that war is harder on those left behind. When he fought in WWII, he said he was too busy to worry about what was going on, but now that his grandson is deployed, he sees it from where his wife and parents were when he was off at war. I don't know for sure which is harder, but I do know that all of you military families out there in the milblog world have made it easier for me.

The milbloggers who are actually deployed, or have been deployed, have been my saving grace for almost 2 years now. I know that I can always find the truth about what's really going on by reading their blogs. And most of the time, it's the only place to hear any positive news. I roll with laughter when I read the stories of their escapades...and cry with heartbreak when one of them loses a friend. I don't know how many times I've had to set one of my friends straight about something going on overseas by telling them what so-and-so said on his/her blog. All of you have become so important to me and a large part of my everyday life. So much so that I feel like you're part of my family.

Anyway, I wish I could be there for the conference in 3 weeks, but I will be on a plane heading out on a business trip that day. I'd love to meet those of you who have become such an important part of my give you a hug and tell you in person just how much you've come to mean to me...but I guess I'll just have to send my love and best wishes through the milblogosphere, and with a friend who will be there. As a matter of fact, this friend just told me that he was asked to be on one of the panels. That seems so right to me, because his was the first milblog I ever read. He had me riveted to his site while he was deployed, and after he returned, I continued to read about his struggles with readjusting to life in the States. So, you see, if not for him, I would never have found the rest of you. So thanks, Casanova, for introducing me to the milblog world that has become so important to me.

I'll be thinking about all of you milbloggers during the conference this month and wishing I was there...and I'll be anxious to hear all about it in your blogs. Even though I won't be there physically, I will most certainly be there in spirit..... :)


Blogger Michelle said...

I think that it's great that we have the option of getting online to be able to find people who can help us get through our tough times. I hope that everyone understands how their words can help others in their situation.

4/1/06, 5:54 PM  
Blogger Courtney said...

I agree. You have helped me so much. I always come home and immediately check to see if I have new comments or if anyone else has written anything new. It's funny, I know everyone's soldier's names. It's weird feeling so close to people you have never met though. Becoming friends with people just because they are in the same situation as you, except you end up meeting such extraordinary people. Over all thank you for all your support. I really appreciate it.

4/1/06, 7:19 PM  
Blogger dyzgoneby said...

Kbug...Thank you. I could not have said it better myself.

The milblog world has opened my eyes and has been my savior this last year. I don't know how I would have made it this far without.

I too find I come home at night and search through milblogs checking in to see how everyone is doing.

Thank you for all your words of encouragement you have given me.

4/1/06, 8:59 PM  
Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

Hey KBug, you are like a rock to me. We are in this together...right on!

4/3/06, 4:39 PM  
Blogger The Shadow behind the Soldier said...

Knowing that there are other people that are out there that are going threw what your going threw an feeling the same way an then being able to read about how they are doing is so much of a help to me I have never seen so much suppost about something as much as I have since we joined the military ,, I am just glad I can be apart of it

4/6/06, 10:03 PM  
Blogger cabutterfly said...

I wanted to let you know I moved and update you with my new blog: I now have it up.

aka dyzgoneby

4/12/06, 5:39 PM  

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