Friday, April 18, 2008

Busy, busy . . .

Well, as you can probably tell, since I haven't posted in a month, life continues to be extremely busy. Ken's surgery went very well. The old stabbing pain that radiated up into his head seems to be gone...yay!!! He has very sore neck muscles from the surgery, but he's feeling a little bit better everyday. He looks and acts more like his old self now...I sure have missed him. We continue to hope and pray for his continued improvement.

Katie is doing well...her belly is getting where she can't wear her old clothes anymore, but isn't really big enough for maternity clothes yet...I remember those days..... :) My sisters and I are planning a girls/guys baby shower for her and Seth next month. It's kind of early for a shower, but we wanted to do it before Seth's deployment in June. We wanted him to be able to feel like he was a part of everything...especially since he'll be gone when the baby comes in September. We're planning some GREAT games for the guys...teehee. His battery is getting a couple weeks of block leave in May, so that'll be the best time for the shower...and, unfortunately, a farewell. Talk about bittersweet.....

I'm in between business trips right now...just got back from one Wednesday night and will leave on another Sunday morning. Then I have one more the end of April, after which things should slow down enough for me to spend some time with my family. I think I'll take a couple days off while Seth and Katie are in town...that way Katie and I can spend some time "wishing" at Babies "R" Us, and I can get plenty of hugs from Seth before he leaves. Like I said...bittersweet.....

Life continues to amaze me, though, and I'm enjoying every minute of it...I am so blessed!!!


Blogger Michelle said...

I'm so glad that Ken's surgery went well! I will pray that he continues to feel better and better. I think it's wonderful that you're planning the shower while Seth is still here, I'm sure he'll appreciate you thinking of him too. I hope that things continue to go well for you. You are all in my prayers.

4/21/08, 12:33 PM  
Blogger vanessa said...

Hey there, it's been awhile.
I hope your Hubby is doing okay. And your going to be a grandma how exciting. your life is going to be filled with so much love. Talk to you soon

4/23/08, 11:08 AM  
Blogger Sue said...

It's good to see you - sorry that I am a bit late posting back. Life is busy here too but it's good to hear that Ken is doing well and that Seth and Katie will be home soon. Hugs and love to Katie and that little baby, and to Seth. I know whereof you speak.
And of course always a hug for you too mom. Enjoy every moment.

5/4/08, 4:40 AM  

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