Monday, March 30, 2009

Can you see this, mom?

Can you see this little great grandson of yours? Do you see me when I hold him . . . how much I love him and enjoy him? All the times I watched you hold my babies, all the times I saw that smile on your face and heard you humming to yourself as you rocked them . . . that all plays over and over again in my mind now. I was thinking of you just now as I rocked Sawyer to sleep. I thought as time went on, I would begin to miss you less, but I just seem to miss you more and more each day, especially now that I've become a grandmother. I wish you were here to hold this little guy. I know how much you would love to be able to do that. I can just picture the smile that would be on your face and hear you humming with contentment. I know you look down on us from Heaven and must be smiling . . . but I wish you were here. This is how I picture you still . . . holding one of my babies . . . . . :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring . . . and new beginnings

Oh my, so much has happened since my last post. It's spring here in Texas and new beginnings are in the air.

My hubby is now permanently employed at the temporary light-duty job he started when he returned to work after his neck surgery last year . . . granted, he had to take an 8% reduction in pay to do it. It's hard to believe it has been almost a year since his surgery. Time has just flown by. We were really sweating his job in January when his light duty ran out. We didn't know if he'd be able to get the job on a permanent basis or not, and the doc made it clear that he couldn't return to being a mechanic, but we knew we couldn't do without his paycheck. He did end up going a couple of weeks without any pay while the big guys worked out the details, though . . . and that happened at the same time I found out everyone at my company would have to take a 5% pay cut so no one would get laid off. You might think that I'd be upset about this, but actually, I'm extremely thankful. We are both working (even if it is for a bit less), I'm working at home and he's working two blocks away so we save money on gas (and we just found out that because neither of us "drives" to work now, our car insurance went down . . . bonus), we transferred our health insurance to my company and saved a ton of money (whoever said municipalities have better coverage is crazy), our 401Ks have taken a beating but we're investing like crazy now that prices are low hoping that there's nowhere for them to go but up, our family is healthy, my middle son finally landed a full-time job and begins work tomorrow, my baby boy will be returning from the sand in a few months, and his beautiful blue-eyed baby boy is asleep in the next room (working at home has its perks when it comes to grandbabies). I have no complaints . . . life is sweet . . . . . :)

Here's Sawyer after waking up from his nap today. He loves to sit at the edge of the crib and play peek a boo around the rails. He will be 6 months old tomorrow . . . . . :)

Thank you, Lord, for helping me see all the wonderful blessings in my life even during tough times . . . and help me continue to see them every day. Blessings on all of you, my friends . . . . . :)