Monday, July 31, 2006


Hello all...I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm still alive and kicking and all is well in our little part of Texas and Iraq. I know I haven't written in a while, but there's been alot going on. First was the Alaska trip, now Kevin's home on leave, I've had lots to catch up on at work, I'm about to leave on another business trip tomorrow, and I've been busy gathering medical info on Ken's accident last year to settle up with the other guy's insurance company.

I promise I'll post again soon to tell you all about our trip and will include pictures. Till then, hope all is well with're still on my mind.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Thoughts of Seth

I don't think I have to tell any of you how often I think about Seth these days...he is constantly on my mind. I get to talk to him on the IM (once a week, if I'm lucky) and occasionally get to see him on the webcam (it's always great to see his face). Talking to him on the phone rarely happens, but when it does, hearing his voice and his laughter is better than anything and lets me know that he's doing okay. Yeah, I worry about his well being, both physical and mental.

Here we are, about to embark on a two-week roadtrip through Alaska and Canada with our middle son, whom I also love dearly (he's my huggy bear). I can't wait till this afternoon when that big jet liner takes off for the Great White North, but part of me hates the thought that I'll be completely out of touch with Seth for those two Internet, and no cell phone service till we get back to the lower 48, and then it will be sporadic, at best, through the Rockies. So, I'm excited...yet apprehensive. I know I'll have a great time, but I also know that I'll be thinking about Seth and wondering if he's doing okay the whole time...*sigh*. I can't help it...Mom's are like that.... :)

My dad, being the Marine that he is, has a subscription to Leatherneck magazine. He showed me a couple of poems in the back of the July issue the other day, and one of them spoke to me as no other has. The poem is titled I Have a Son; He's Gone to War by Amanda Lord. Since I'll be away from the computer for a couple of weeks, I thought I'd leave all of you with a few exerpts from that poem...the ones that speak the same language as my heart...

I have a son; he's gone to war,
Location vague, unknown.
It doesn't matter where he is;
I just know he's not home.

My memories are strong and true
But cannot be replaced.
The joy I feel when he is near
Will never be erased.

Sometimes the need to hear his voice
And know that all is well,
My mind can think of nothing else;
I do not mean to dwell.

Unless you have been in my shoes,
This pain I can't convey.
To know he's safe and feels my love -
I worry night and day.

Emotions run both hot and cold,
I feel both pride and fear.


My son, I long for your return
To touch your dear, sweet face.
To hear your laugh, look in your eyes,
And feel your strong embrace.

I don't think I have to tell any of you how much I look forward to the day he returns, can't get here soon enough for me.

Love you, baby boy. I'll talk to you in a couple of weeks..... :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Small world

I gotta tell ya, after my last business trip, I truly believe that this is a very small world.

Last Tuesday morning, I flew to Fargo, North Dakota on business. I've never been there before and didn't know anyone who lived there, so I was very surprised to find that I had something in common with one of the people there.

The last night we were in town, we had dinner and a movie at the old Fargo Theater. It wasn't a sitdown dinner (it was really heavy appetizers and drinks without tables and chairs), so a few of us filled our plates and headed for the carpeted stairs leading to the balcony. We were talking about the day spent out playing with the the backhoes and skidsteers and other construction equipment. I love driving those things..... :) The site was near the airport, which just happened to be the home of the Happy Hooligans, Fargo's Air National Guard F-16 unit. I could hardly concentrate on what people were saying for the fighters taking off and landing right there. Hooah!!! I love air shows!!

Anyway, in talking about the F-16s, the conversation turned to the Air Force, and of course I mentioned Kevin and that he would be working on F-16s at his new base in New Mexico, and that we were flying up to Alaska this Friday to drive back to the lower 48 with him. One of the people with the company putting on the event said her brother was in the Air Force and was stationed in Alaska, too.....what? I asked her which base and she said Elmendorf.....really?? I asked her what he did and she said he was a jet're kidding me!!! I asked what kind of plane he worked on and she said a C-something.....a C-130, no way!!!! The C-130 and E-3 Awacs are in the same squadron.....I can't believe it!!!!! What's his name and rank??? I'll ask Kevin if he knows him next time I talk to him.

Well, I asked Kevin about him this weekend, and he does know him!!! As it turns out, her brother is no longer a mechanic, he's an instructor. But every time Kevin has gone to get run certified on his engine (which is every year), her brother was the one who administered the test. Oh my gosh!! Talk about a small world!!! This is crazy...but in a good way..... :)

Hope all of you have a great Fourth of July.....this definitely IS a day to celebrate!!!

And if I don't get a chance to post again before we head for the Great White North, have a wonderful July..... :)