Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life has been so very busy lately.....

......so where do I begin to tell you about it?

Sawyer is wonderful..........I have so enjoyed having him nearby since Seth got out of the Army and they moved back to town. I kept him one Friday night and took him to visit my dad and sisters. My little sister got out the dominoes for him to play with and we started lining them up to do the domino effect. He didn't have a clue what we were doing, so he just knocked them down. Finally, I put my arm out in front of him and said "wait." He looked so sad and walked away and put his head down on the stereo speaker and just kind of whimpered like his heart was broken. Susie and I continued to set up the dominoes in a long snakey path and, all of a sudden, he came running over to try to knock them down again. I put my arm out again and said "wait" and he went back to the speaker and put his head down again and sounded broken hearted again. This went on several times until we finally finished lining them up. Then I let him push them over. He thought it was wonderful, so we started setting them up again...and he did the same thing again with the trying to knock them down, broken-hearted, lay-his-head down on the speaker thing again. If I didn't stop him, he'd stop on his own and go back and put his head on the speaker. It had become part of the game. We were rolling with laughter by then. He was quite the entertainment that night. I wish I'd gotten a video of the whole thing..... :) Anyway, he makes my day, evening, night.....well, he makes my everything!!!

There's another one on the way..........Sawyer will have a little brother in June. It was quite unexpected...especially so soon and while Seth is still looking for that elusive police job...but I'm soooo very excited. I know Seth and Katie were both hoping for a girl this time, just like I was with my 3rd pregnancy, but I don't think they mind it too much. I know I wouldn't have known what to do with a girl..... :)

The boys moved to a bigger house..........since Seth and Katie and Sawyer moved in with the brothers, the house suddenly became very small. It only had 3 bedrooms, so Sawyer had been sleeping in Seth and Katie's room since the middle of September. There was just one living area, too, so they were on top of each other all the time...just no space for that many people...especially with all of Sawyer's toys. So, when the lease was up, they found a 4 bedroom with a living room and a seperate family room and dining area, so there's alot more room to spread out. They also have a very nice backyard with a covered deck, so they spend much more time outdoors now...and Sawyer loves that..... :)

It's traveling season again..........it started in February and will probably last all summer as I traipse off to various aggregates quarries across the country. Yep, that's what I do for a living folks. I've already been to Cincinnati for a conference; to northern Kentucky to tour an underground quarry (I took the picture below while in the underground quarry...it's a drill rig drilling holes for the next blast); to an operation in Brideport, Texas; and one south of Seattle. Next stop will be Atlanta, Georgia, for a press event and quarry visit, then I'll spend the weekend in South Carolina with an old childhood friend that I haven't seen in many moons. I'm looking forward to catching up with her and meeting her family. Can you believe it?? She found me on Facebook..... lol.

Well, I hope this catches everyone up on what's been going on in my life...and why I have been away for so long. Life just keeps getting better and busier all the time...which is fine by me..... :D