Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I found the the bottom of the black hole...

I didn't think it was possible, but I found the bottom of the black hole...a.k.a. the room Kevin and Seth shared growing up. Yep, two boys in one room...and they both survived. I admit that there were days when I thought they would kill each other, but you wouldn't know it now. They're as close as two brothers can be. Who says kids need their own individual rooms growing up? I shared a room with both my sisters. We had a triple bunkbed...and yes, they really do make them..... :)

Anyway, their old room is completely empty now, which I didn't think was possible. Albeit, we have a guest room (Rick's old room) that a guest could not stay in at the moment because of all the stuff piled up in there; there's an old desk behind the table in the kitchen with stuff piled on top of it; and a large armoir is now in our hallway making passage almost impossible without turning sideways. But hey, it's temporary, and when you have a really small house, you learn to get creative when shuffling furniture around when it's necessary..... :)

So, my friends, the room makeover has begun...it's about freaking time, too. I will turn the black hole into our guest room (after some major patching, texturing, painting, and boy funk removal), and turn what is now the guest room into my office (after a bit of touch-up painting). And this all has to be done within the next month and a half or I'll be working out of the nearest wi-fi joint come October..... :)

Prayers......many prayers..... :)