Thursday, May 21, 2009

My cell phone rang tonight...

...and I saw a name on the caller ID that I hadn't seen in a long time.....Seth. Yep, my baby boy is home...and it feels great!! I don't yet know if I'll get to see him this weekend, but he's back, and that's all that matters..... :) What a wonderful gift just in time for Memorial Day!!

Welcome home, Seth!!

Thank you, Lord!!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

When Sawyer smiles...

...all is right with the world..... :)

Sawyer and Katie have gone home now. I drove down to Hood with her on Friday and helped her "find" her house and yard after being in Dallas for a couple of months...which was longer than she had planned...but she enjoyed being here and we loved having them here. Waking up in the morning took on special meaning while they were here...nothing says good morning better than Sawyer's's contagious..... :)

This morning, I thought I heard him playing with one of his toys in his crib and a smile crept across my face, until I remembered that he was no longer here.....*sigh*. A few minutes later, like she had read my mind, Katie called and Sawyer told me good morning, which sounds alot like mmmmmbuh, but it was a sweet song to my ears..... :)

After Seth gets home, which will be soon, they will come up for a long 4-day weekend...I'll get to hug my baby boy whom I have greatly missed and see his baby boy's smile once more...ain't life sweet!!!