Thursday, September 24, 2009

A birthday party...

Thought I should share this photo with all of you.....Sawyer celebrated his first birthday last Saturday. Here he is eating his cake...and wearing it, too..... lol. He loved it and was doing some two-fisted eating, as you can see. He got so many new toys at the party that he doesn't know which one to play with. Katie says she's going to rotate them one at a time..... hahaha.

He's growing up so fast...and is on the verge of walking any time now. His daddy and my other two boys were all walking by the time they were a year old, but Sawyer is taking his time. Right now, he crawls over to the couch or coffee table or wall or chair or whatever and pulls up and walks holding onto it. But he will walk by himself in his own good time..... :) All I know is he melts my heart and is pure joy!!!