Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Puppy sitting

When Seth and Katie came in from Fort Hood a few days before Christmas, they brought a "surprise" with them......a 6-week-old puppy named Bailey that they got from an animal rescue center on base the day before......hmmmmm. After making it very clear to them that this was NOT the kind of "surprise" someone wants to learn about after it has already arrived on their doorstep, we steeled ourselves for the onslaught of puppy pee and poop in our house......on our carpet......the carpet we just had installed a few years ago. *Sigh!!!* Did I mention that we are NOT indoor-dog people?? We've had several dogs in our time, but they've always been outside dogs. The last one was Bear, a large 80-pound lab-mix dog that we had for 13 years and loved dearly. He came in the house alot, but he lived outside. I cried when we had to put him to sleep a little over a year ago, and we haven't been able to even think about getting another dog since......and don't know if we ever will......Bear was special.

Anyway, we have an 8-year-old house cat named Fizzy who rules our roost. Needless to say, Fizzy is not enamored with the puppy being in HER house one little bit. After spending a few days hiding under our bed, she finally began standing her ground and hissing at the puppy. Well, being the young puppy she is, Bailey thinks this is wonderful and wants to play with the growling, spitting kitty and doesn't understand why she can't......hmmmmm. Chaos doesn't begin to describe our household since December 20th.

Then there's the wild-ass chicken that moved into our backyard last Spring from who knows where. She roosts in the crepe myrtle tree between our house and our neighbors' house and thinks she owns our backyard. Hell, she thinks she owns the whole neighborhood because she goes where she pleases. Ken named her Chickenzilla because she chases other birds, squirrels, and cats out of our yard. At first, Bailey was afraid of Chickenzilla because she was just as big as her, but now she loves chasing her and will run her all over the yard until she flies to the top of the wooden fence to get away. Ken has started calling Bailey a chicken hawk, after the cartoon character, of

Well, to top it all off, Seth and Katie had planned a ski trip to Colorado with friends during his month-long leave......they planned it before they decided to get the puppy......hmmmmm. When I asked him what they planned to do with Bailey while they were gone skiing for a week, Seth smiled his little grin that he knows melts my heart and said, "We thought you might keep her." Do you see where I'm going with this???

Yup, we're puppy sitting......hmmmmm. The first thing we had to do was figure out what we were going to do with her during the day while we were at she is not an outdoor dog......yet. We finally decided to cordon her off in a portion of the kitchen. "Cleanup on tile 4"..... :) I also cordon off the entire kitchen from the rest of the house, a second barrier, just in case she manages to escape the first. Fizzy loves this arrangement because she can sit on top of the room divider like a vulture and glare down at Bailey in her "cell" with a look of total contempt. Bailey is a people puppy and hates being alone all day, so she crawls all over the first person in the door every afternoon, which is usually Ken, to let us know how lonely and mistreated she has been. So far, so good, though......the blockade we rigged up seems to be working.

Nighttime is another matter, however. Seth and Katie had been letting her sleep on their bed at night to keep her from crying. I objected to this, but it fell on deaf the only way we can keep her from crying at night is to put her on our bed with us......hmmmmm. I get up several times a night when she starts getting restless to take her outside to potty. And sometimes she's just too wound up to sleep and wants to play. Can you say sleep deprivation???

But wait, there's more......Seth and Katie took MY car to Colorado......hmmmmm. I swear, the things I do for my boys......I just can't seem to say no...... :)

Bailey has one very important thing going for her, though, she is a cutie and stole our hearts the minute we saw her. What can I say??? We're suckers...... :) But hey, who can resist this face????

Sunday, January 07, 2007

More news.......

I wish this was more pleasant news, but it looks like I won't be a grandma as soon as we thought. Katie spent most of this weekend in the emergency room here in Dallas......and had a miscarriage this morning. Not a pleasant experience for her, but thankfully, it happened very early on before the pregnancy really had a chance to get into full swing......she was just 5 weeks along. Katie is feeling much better already, and seeing her without pain and smiling again is wonderful. Seth and Katie are very disappointed, as we all are, but they both feel like it just wasn't meant to be at this time. A very positive and healthy outlook if you ask me. They are not discouraged either and will try again, but have decided to wait a little while. Another healthy decision, as they are both still young and have plenty of time. But, how long that little while will be is anybody's guess...... :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Big news!!!

Since some of you out there already know about this and are making comments about it.....yeah, I'm talking about you, Casanova.....I thought I'd let all of you in on the big news. Seth and Katie didn't waste any time when he returned from Iraq five weeks ago.....I'm going to be a grandma in about 8 months. "Didn't waste any time" is probably an understatement.....hahaha.

The problem is, it happened so fast that I haven't really had time to get my head wrapped around it yet. With Seth's homecoming and having all the boys home for the holidays this year, as well as Seth and Katie's new puppy.....there has been one major event after another, it seems, and I have just been rolling from one event to another, in a daze. Plus I just spent a whole year trying to keep my emotions in check. Anyway, I think Seth and Katie are concerned that I'm not excited about being a grandma, and I want to reassure them that I am thrilled and I'm doing somersaults on the inside.....I never could do them on the outside anyway. It will all catch up with me when everything finally quiets down at the homefront and I get still for a few minutes. Then I'll just sit quietly and smile and dream of holding that little bundle of joy..... :)